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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #648 “Big Time”Blank Variant signed and remarked by Joe Rubenstein

Medium Tags: Remarked, Variant Cover
32 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (33/50)

Date Created:2011
Artist: Dynamic Forces, Marvel, Rubenstein

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This Item is for Sale
Current Price 300.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
In this specially limited series of drawings, Rubenstein offers a portrait of Peter Parker, void of any element of his alter ego Spider-Man. When writer Dan Slott and artists Humerto Ramos, Marcos Martini and Stefano Caselli set out to devise a new story for Spider-Man, they created a scenario that revolves around Parker finding a new job with Marla Jameson’s help. Much of the series revolves around Parker trying to find resolve for his past mistakes and physical weaknesses to guarantee a better future for him and those closest to him.
Tags: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #648 “Big Time”Blank Variant signed and remarked by Joe Rubenstein, Spider-Man, Joe Rubeinstein, Big Time
Materials Used: Comic Book, Marker, Ink
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