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Bowen Designs Limited Captain America Painted Statue

Medium Tags: Action Statue, Figurine, Hand-painted
10 x 14 inch | Frame

Date Created:2012
Artist: Bowen Designs, Randy Bowen

Commerce Information
This Item is for Sale
Current Price 430.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
When the frail young Steve Rogers was injected with the super-soldier serum, he was transformed into Captain America, a superhero who would strive endlessly for America. This patriotism appealed deeply to American audiences, as Captain America’s fight against the evil Axis powers made him Timely Comics’ most popular character during the 1940’s. This statue depicts Captain perched atop rubble, his fist stretching forward and directed at the enemy. His other arm grips his indestructible shield, which he is ready to throw and strike with at any moment. Legendary sculptor Randy Bowen captures Captain America’s prowess as a military commander in this action version statue. The visible wreckage comes from one of the many battles Captain America has been involved in, and it shows his determination in the face of adversity and struggle. (Description: Mazen Abdallah)
Tags: Bowen Designs Limited Captain America Painted Statue, Captain America, Bowen Designs, Randy Bowen, Polystone, Hand-painted, Action Version
Materials Used: Polystone, Paint
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