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Bowen Designs Magneto Painted Statue

Medium Tags: Action Version, Statue, Figurine, Hand-painted
15 x 19 inch | Frame

Date Created:2012
Artist: Bowen Designs

Commerce Information
This Item is for Sale
Current Price 600.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Through fierce idealism in every step of his masterplan, and through his rivalry with another intelligent and vigilant mutant, Magneto assumes more than just power. If these, the fact that he orders Sentinels to do his bidding, and his mutant power to literally bend forces of nature to his will does not explain it, this figurine will. 342 out of 1100 limited pieces.
Tags: Bowen Designs Magneto Painted Statue, Magneto, Action Version, Sentinel, Display Ready
Materials Used: Polystone, Paint
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