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Ultimate Comics Thor Vol. 1 #3 signed by Jonathan Hickman

Medium Tags: Autographed, Comic, Book
32 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (13/50)

Date Created:2010
Artist: Marvel, Dynamic, Forces, DF

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Current Price 220.00
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Artistic Statement
In the fourteen-issue Ultimate Marvel series, a large set of interweaving stories including Magneto, the Sinister Six, the Chitauri, Doctor Doom, and Thanos at the center of the mayhem that called upon the best Marvel has to offer. Some issues from the series were dedicated to Thor - his origins, his initial rejection to help the Ultimates and then inevitably join forces with them. His reluctance to join is lead by his apprehension to help the US government on the premise that they will destroy the world at the cost of spreading Western values. The comic book as a complete work, autographed by writer Jonathan Hicks, is a feat to behold. Quite a lot of forethought and a lot more tedious art have been produced by co-creator and artist Bryan Hitch, whose main challenge of meeting deadlines were redeemed with his acclaimed cinematic compositions across the pages and spreads in this comic book. This issue contains the creators' and Mark Miller’s conception of Thor Odinson’s beginnings in Asgard before his tie-in with the Ultimates.
Tags: Ultimate Comics Thor Vol. 1 #3 signed by Jonathan Hickman, Stamped, Certificate, Authentication, Ultimate, Thor
Materials Used: Comic, Book
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