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Ultimate Spider-Man "The Death of spiderman"

Medium Tags: Remarked, Autographed, Comic Book, Certified
32 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (10/199)

Date Created:2011
Artist: Marvel, Dynamic, Forces

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Current Price 180.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
As enigmatic an artist as he is an expert with his defined and single-stroke cover drawings, Ken Haeser is a serial remarker of comic books, indiscriminate towards the category they fall under - be they Marvel, DC, or whichever universe My Little Pony comes from. His work with Dynamic Forces has been one of the most versatile to date, with a style and pen just as effective, as is this comic book on which he portrays one of Marvel’s famed superheroes. In this issue, an alternate timeline of the many escapades of Spider-Man draws to a shocking end.
Tags: Ultimate Spider-Man "The Death of spiderman", Ultimate, Spider-Man, Death, Ken, Haeser
Materials Used: Comic, Book
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