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The Amazing Spider-Man: One More Day Pt. 1 Variant Edition signed and remarked

Medium Tags: Remarked, Variant Cover
32 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (281/499)

Date Created:2007
Artist: Marvel, Dynamic Forces

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Current Price 340.00
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Artistic Statement
In an homage to the classics on a fairly recent comic book, Ken Haeser’s drawing of masked Wolverine’s mug scowls behind cover artist Marko Djurdjevic’s Spider-Man, who is immersed in his thoughts over his suffering Aunt May and a decision that can change everything. Suffering is a constant in many of our heroes’ stories, and two Marvel heroes that fit the theme well are the two on this very cover. Both coming from tragic back stories, their later runs don’t change; Spider-Man gives up any recollection of his marriage to Mary Jane in order to save Aunt May, and the Wolverine undergoes several bouts of brainwashing, amnesia, fusing adamantium to his bones, having the adamantium ripped out of his body, fusing it back… No end in sight for the amount of pain these heroes must go through. That factor alone can make or break a dynamic hero. Placing these two together can instigate nothing less than the role pain plays in our favorite stories.
Tags: The Amazing Spider-Man: One More Day Pt. 1 Variant Edition signed and remarked, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ken Haeser
Materials Used: Comic Book, Marker, Ink
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