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Batman Black Costume Version ARTFX Statue

Medium Tags: Standing figurine, display ready
8 x 11 inch | Frame

Date Created:2014
Artist: Kotobukiya

Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Standing ready before an attacking assailant, or about to race to the next destination, or leap towards the top-most vantage point, Batman: Black Costume Version displays an intensity that will make any assailant think twice, any destination the fastest to reach, and any peak not too high. Kouei Mastumoto sculpted the toned Batman based on the recent Jim Lee rendition, taking an old classic and changing the blue-toned costume into the up-to-date black and white costume it has become in DC’s 52.
Tags: Batman Black Costume Version ARTFX Statue, Batman, Black, Costume, Jim, Lee
Materials Used: Polystone, Paint
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