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Sideshow Collectibles C-3P0 from Star Wars: A New Hope

Medium Tags: Movable Figurine, Statue, Stand
5 x 12 inch | Frame

Date Created:2013
Artist: Tamashii Nations

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Additional Information
Artistic Statement
An accompanying instruction manual to this exclusive C3P0 figurine describes how the foremost Japanese STAR WARS scholar wished to create an exact replica of one of the most memorable protocol droids alive. Seiji Takahashi remained true to his word, if we can forgive the 1:9 scale remodeling and the missing spirit of a loveable, fussy and fearful droid inside. Everything we see is as George Lucas brought to life on screen, from C-3P0’s dear-eyed appearance, quirky movements, to the story told before with the slightly off-color leg replacement and the installed droid controller. Every limb and body part is mobile and locks into place, with a stand to support the figurine by the waste, leaving you to wonder if this tiny C-3P0 will walk off looking for R2-D2 again.
Tags: Sideshow Collectibles C-3P0 from Star Wars: A New Hope, C-3P0, Accurate Figurine, Movable
Materials Used: Die-Cast Metal Alloy
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