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Bowen Designs Iron Man Extremis Armor Statue

Medium Tags: Digital Sculpture, Paint
10 x 12 inch | Frame

Date Created:2010
Artist: Bowen Designs

Commerce Information
This Item is for Sale
Current Price 450.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Billionaire playboy Tony Stark built a suit of high-tech power armor to save his life after a kidnapping that left him seriously injured. When he wears the armor, Tony becomes Iron Man, a hero who can fly at supersonic speeds and take on virtually any foe using a number of powerful, high-tech weapons. His suit appears in the Extremis story arc. Widely considered one of the darker Iron Man storylines, Extremis sees Iron Man face unstable, violent criminals who have turned their own bodies into weapons. Stark also faces his own inner demons as he questions his own morality. This sculpture shows Iron Man, digitally sculpted by Avinash Hegde, charging up his energy repulsors to fire concentrated blasts of energy. He stands firmly with a clenched fist, ready for battle as an Avenger. 315 out of 1200 limited copies. (Description: Mazen Abdallah)
Tags: Bowen Designs Iron Man Extremis Armor Statue, Iron Man, Extremis, Display Ready, 315 out of 1200
Materials Used: Polystone, Paint
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