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Bowen Designs Mephisto Painted Statue

Medium Tags: Figuring, Painted Statue
10 x 13 inch | Frame

Artist: Bowen Designs

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Current Price 800.00
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Artistic Statement
Bowen Design brings us one of the most prolific and prevalent villains that never die in his tale of duplicity and manipulation through fulfilling wishes. One of Marvel’s mainstays that draw from classic lore, Mephisto appears and challenges many other mainstay heroes and villains. Joseph Menna sculpts the silver age portrayal of Marvel’s rendition of Satan, brandishing his goblet with a wide snarl and smile across his distorted face, displaying the insurmountable joy he drives from the misery of others. His story of the the joy he derives has only been countered in Amazing Spider-Man #545, only through the fact that he decides to take away the happiness that Peter Parker held in life rather than abduct his soul. The same Mephisto we see in the figuring is still at large, determined under all circumstance to bend his victims to his will. 6 out of 200 limited copies.
Tags: Bowen Designs Mephisto Painted Statue, Mephisto, Marvel, Enthroned
Materials Used: Polystone, Paint
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