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Star Wars Clone/Stormtrooper Episode II Premium Format Figure

Medium Tags: Display, Ready, Figurine
43 x 52 cm | Frame

Artist: Sideshow

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Current Price 650.00
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Artistic Statement
Of all the movie henchmen, none is as iconic as the Stormtrooper. The predecessors of the Stormtroopers are the infamous Clone Troopers, who were so notorious in battle that they had a whole movie honoring them. Originally commissioned as a fighting force for the Republic, the Clone Troopers were all cloned from the DNA of Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. With their combat skills, they quickly became the dominant military force of the galaxy. This statue represents a bridge between the old and the new, as it has two interchangeable heads: a storm trooper head and a clone trooper head. The trooper is in a battle pose, standing on a rocky plain and ready to fire. The statue’s intricate workmanship shows off the plates of the trooper’s armor as well as his blaster rifle. This statue aimed to show the Clone Troopers as the ruthless, efficient military force they were designed to be. The trooper’s mask gives him the appearance of a constant menacing scowl, which is appropriate because later on they would become a universally feared fighting force. Star Wars Episode II – The Clone Wars, which is the film this statue is based on, truly breathed new life into the mythos of the Republic. 79 out of 500 limited copies.
Tags: Star Wars Clone/Stormtrooper Episode II Premium Format Figure, Stormtrooper, Clone Trooper
Materials Used: Polystone, Hand-Painted
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