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Dynamic Forces 3 Variant Covers of

Medium Tags: Remarked, Cover Art, Variant blank cover, Ink, Markers
58 x 43 cm | Frame
Print (3/99)

Date Created:2012
Artist: Dynamic, Forces, Ken, Haeser

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Current Price 600.00
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Artistic Statement
In December 2012 DC make a very unusual and bold move. They canceled most, if not all, of their monthly hero comics lineup, essentially bringing about the end of a Universe over 40 decades old with all their major heroes. Rather than adding new characters to an existing and fully explored universe or transferring the existing character to an alternate universe, they decided to start from scratch and give us a whole new outlook on the heroes we have come to know and love. With that The New 52! series was born. The issues presented here are three copies of the first Batman renditions of the 52s, signed and remarked (with portraits of Batman, Catwoman, and Bane) by famed artist Ken Haeser (remaining ever elusive to this day). 3 of the 99 in existence.
Tags: Dynamic Forces 3 Variant Covers of, Batman, Catwoman, Bane, The New 52, Issue 0
Materials Used: Ink, Markers
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