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GHOSTS: Hondo (Shona) Extremely Limited Photography by Ralph Ziman

Medium Tags: Photography
162 x 112 cm | Frame
Print (10/10)

Date Created:2013
Artist: Ralph Ziman

Commerce Information
This Item is for Sale
Current Price 5,500.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
“I had six Zimbabwean artists use traditional African beads and wire to manufacture several hundred replica beaded guns like AK-47s, and several replica beaded general purpose machine guns (GPMGs), along with ammunition. Upon completion, beaded guns were the subject of a photo-shoot in crime ridden downtown Johannesburg. The subjects of the photo shoot were the artists who made the guns, several construction workers who happened to witness the shoot, and a member of the South African Police Services who just wanted his picture taken. What amazed me was that everyone knew how to 'model' a gun, how to dress, how to stand, what poses a rebel or soldier or general strikes. We often see stereotypical images of Africans, soldiers, rebels, fighters, with guns but somehow this is different, it’s non-lethal, brightly colored, strangely beautiful and sad at the same time. It became sort of like a Vogue fashion shoot, but different. A subverted fashion show. Shocking, beautiful and sad.” - Ralph Ziman, 10 out of 10 existing copies.
Tags: GHOSTS: Hondo (Shona) Extremely Limited Photography by Ralph Ziman, Ghosts, Zimbabwean, Craft, Faceless
Materials Used: Guns, Wires, Beads, Models
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