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"Nestor Burma dans le 14e Arrondissement de Paris" by Jacques Tardi

Medium Tags: Comic, Book, Art, Frame, Detective
50 x 25 cm | Frame
Print (7/50)

Date Created:1970
Artist: Jacques Tardi

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Current Price 1,550.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Currently 67 years old, Tardi's style eminates the early ligne claire style. Paired with meticulous research, Tardi's work also satirises the concept of the flawless hero by using a series of inept, naive or anti-heroic main characters. In January 2013, Tardi was nominated as a Chevalier in France's Legion of Honor, which he turned down citing that he will "remain a free man and not be held hostage by any power whatsoever." He supervised a number of film adaptations of his works over the last century, the next release in 2015 will be one of his early works, "A Rigged World", a sci-fi urban mystery animation. No. 7 of 50 copies worldwide
Tags: "Nestor Burma dans le 14e Arrondissement de Paris" by Jacques Tardi, Nestor, Burma, Detective, Paris
Materials Used: Art print, heavyweight paper
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