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ʺParis Les grands couturiersʺ by Floc’h

Medium Tags: Silkscreen, Limited, French, Illustraton
51 x 73 cm | Frame
Print (206/240)

Date Created:1980
Artist: Floc'h

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Current Price 880.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Jean-Claude Floch is a French illustrator, comics artist, and writer. He is known for his use of the style known as ligne claire. Floc'h created commercial illustrations, in which he explored new drawing techniques and developed a personal style based on graphic minimalism. In 1991, he collaborated with Jean-Luc Fromental on a collection of cartoons inspired by the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Jamais deux sans trois”.This silkscreen is an homage to the greatest Paris haute couture brands: Courrèges, Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Cardin, and Chanel. Signed by the artist, No. 206 of 240 copies worldwide.
Tags: ʺParis Les grands couturiersʺ by Floc’h, Floc'h, French, Illustration, Haute couture
Materials Used: Art print, heavyweight paper
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