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Scarlet Spider Vol. 1 #1 Blank Variant Cover signed and remarked by Ken Haeser

Medium Tags: Remarked, Variant covers
65 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (11/13)

Date Created:2012
Artist: Dynamic Forces, Marvel, Ken Haeser

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Current Price 220.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Ken Haeser drew the set featuring Kaine Parker (left) and Ben Reilly (right), or two concoctions of the Jackal, or two successors of Spider-Man both going by the name Scarlet Spider. In their respective arcs, Kaine and Ben Reilly are born out of these clone scenarios that creators Terry Kavanagh and Gerry Conway spun in order to pose this challenge to Spider-Man: when facing his clones, who are stronger and more equipped, how will he outdo the chances of defeat? With different initiations into each arc and different outcomes, the “Clone Sagas” explore all possibilities there could be to Parker’s plight, even whether he is his own clone.
Tags: Scarlet Spider Vol. 1 #1 Blank Variant Cover signed and remarked by Ken Haeser, Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Ken Haeser
Materials Used: comic book, marker, ink
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