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FF Vol. 1 #1, “The Club”, Blank Variant Cover signed and remarked by Ken Haeser

Medium Tags: Remarked, Variant Cover
32 x 42 cm | Frame
Print (67/299)

Date Created:2011
Artist: Dynamic Forces, Marvel, Ken Haeser

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Current Price 220.00
Additional Information
Artistic Statement
Jonathan Hickman, and artists Barry Kitson and Steve Epting, take up what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have passed on since 1961. We follow the storylines of the four most interesting scientists who were exposed to cosmic radiation, and then donned blue costumes to become the first Marvel team in the MCU. Hickman succeeds the "Civil War" arc, during which Spider-Man becomes an ally to the team. Spider-Man returns to fill in an empty post for the new black-and-white donning members of the FF. Our heroes come with an array of superpowers, but they also have insecurities, and a longing to be normal again. Ken Haeser's drawing of the Fantastic Four shows the personalities that strengthen the bonds between the team members.
Tags: FF Vol. 1 #1, “The Club”, Blank Variant Cover signed and remarked by Ken Haeser, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Jonathan Hickman
Materials Used: Comic Book, Marker, Ink
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