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What the heck is an EndlessRoom?
A really big place. You have art or a love for art but have no means to share it. That is why we have created EndlessRoom, a place where artists and art lovers can come together and share, buy or sell their work. It is also a place to communicate and collaborate with other users – who know, perhaps a future project partner, studio leaser, gallery owner or portfolio manager could be waiting to meet you.
Why would I want to put all my work up here?
We know how much you value your time, so you are probably thinking, great ANOTHER website that is going to make me “rich?. We are not promising this – but we are promising to provide you with the best possible tools and features that allow you to engage in communication and collaboration for Art’s sake – if it leads to riches, great!! Just don’t forget who helped get you started ;-)
Ok, it sounds cool, now how do I get started?
Getting started is easy, check out our Home Page and click the “I Want In? button that will lead you step-by-step through the whole process.
I signed up, but how do I login?
When you first sign up you will automatically be logged in. However, for future use, just enter your user name and password in the top right hand corner of the screen and you will be brought into your EndlessRoom.
Oops, I forgot my password . . .
That sucks. Too bad – game over. NO, of course we can help you out. Just click “I’m the dumb one – I forgot my password? and we will send a confirmation email to the email address that you originally signed up with. From there you will know how to get back into your account. If that doesn’t solve the problem, send an email to and we will get one of our guys on the job!!
I better not get any spam from you guys!
We promise – no canned mystery meat!
How else can I make money
As artists, our purpose is work not money – but it’s hard to live and work without a bit of the green stuff. In addition to selling your work, EndlessRoom is continually adding profit generating channels such as our Sponsorships that allow companies and individuals to partner with artists. Visit our Sponsorship page for more information.
Managing Your Work

How do I get the best quality images of work on the site?
Check out our Forums for detailed tips and tricks on how to get the best quality photos to represent your work.
How come people can rank and judge my art – what do they know?
Believe your mother – whatever you do will be beautiful. However, it is always nice to have a second opinion or a third or a five hundred and thirty six thousandth four hundred and ninety first. We are strong believers in community and actually trust people. Individuals will always be biased – but the rest of your friends at EndlessRoom will speak the truth.
What about all that copyright stuff?
Without getting into the real legal details (check out, although we know you probably won’t, our Terms and Conditions we can tell you this – you better not pretend something is yours when it isn’t and you better hope someone else doesn’t do the same!! We have partnered with Creative Commons to provide a means for artists to express certain copyright regulations.
Site Features

So a studio, a gallery and a portfolio? I just want to share my work!
Hopefully we are not making this confusing, but we have found the need for each of the following rooms to be vital in truly allowing artists and art lovers to take advantage of EndlessRoom:
Studio: Provides a profile and blog for artists to express themselves. Share some of your personal tastes and information about yourself in your profile section or give people a more in depth look through entries you make on your blog page.
Gallery: Think of this as the marketplace where you can buy, sell and share your artwork. Users can browse through each other’s Galleries looking for a particular piece to buy or simply exploring cool art. When it comes time that you want to actually purchase a piece, you will find out all of its sales information here as well how the user has it listed (auction style, one-click purchase, or silent bidding).
Portfolio: We have made seeing the evolution of an artist’s work easy – the Portfolio provides a timeline view on the work they have created throughout their career. This is a great way to see how their talented have developed and possible trends they are setting.
What in the world is the Fourth Wall?
The Fourth Wall provides users with a place to manage communication and commerce. Private messages and public posts can be managed through the Fourth Wall as well as the network of friends you have. In addition, vital sales and purchasing tools are provided that allows you to manage and measure the volume of transactions you have. There will also be an extensive amount of statistics available that display how popular your Gallery and art work is.
This isn’t fourth-grade English class, what are Tagjectives?
Our search technology is based on the descriptions of your art that are providing through the Tagjectives associated with each piece. For instance, if I were to post a photograph I would want to get as detailed as possible so that is can be counted in multiple searches. I would then use some of the following Tagjectives that could describe it in detail such as: black and white, outdoors, nature, scenic, sunset – any adjectives that you would use to describe the picture.
What is an exhibition?
Exhibitions are collections of work aimed to bring art together with a common purpose. This purpose could be a thematic message, certain medium or even a specific color. These similarities will help build collaboration amongst artists with aligned interests. Exhibitions can be browsed and searched for just as individual art pieces.
This isn’t a fourth-grade recess period, what are Tags?
Our search technology is based on the descriptions of your art that are providing through the Tags associated with each piece. For instance, if I were to post a photograph I would want to get as detailed as possible so that is can be counted in multiple searches. I would then use some of the following Tags that could describe it in detail such as: black and white, outdoors, nature, scenic, sunset – any adjectives that you would use to describe the picture.
Buying and Selling Art

So, what, do you take 50% of my profits too?
No, our goal is to provide artists with a means to live off their creative talents – taking a 50% commission just would not work in that equation. None-the-less, we do need to make a little money so we can keep building great features and improving your EndlessRoom’s, but we take a mere 10% off the final selling price. This commission will automatically be deducted from your sale before you receive payment.
What happens if the artist doesn’t send me the work I purchased?
EndlessRoom provides a platform and the tools necessary to purchase and sell art work online; however, we are not involved with the actual fulfillment of orders. We cannot provide any guarantee on shipping or payment; see our terms and conditions for a detailed explanation. However, we do not want to leave you all hanging dry, so we have created a dispute center located in your Fourth Wall that will allow you to file any issues that you have with a particular user. We have a strong support staff dedicated to sorting matters and facilitating any issues.
How do I check my sales and purchases?
We have built a very comprehensive set of sales statistics tools that allow you to see a wide range of sales information you might be interested in. Check out your Fourth Wall to see all of the available statistics and data you would need.
How can I pay artists or receive payment for my work sold?
When it comes time to pay for an item purchased, we support the following payment methods: Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal and Google Checkout. Personal checks and money orders are not supported – we are all about speeding up the transaction process so artists can get paid quicker and back to their art.
When do I get paid?
Once the buyer sends the payment and the artist confirms that the item is shipped, payment is then transferred. This could be as quick as one day or take up to a week or more, depending on how fast both users work. We assume you will want to get your art or get your money, so moving quick would be a good thing.
I already reviewed their work, why do I need to review a user who I purchase from or sell to?
There are two different review features at EndlessRoom. The first is the ability users have to review other users’ work. Here you can simply choose whether or not you like a particular piece of art. As the more people vote, the more relevant the rating becomes. We are stronger believers in the community shaping art not just a few particular ‘critiques’. The second review method is a review of the user’s reliability in terms of their order fulfillment or payment. We want to insure that our users are diligent and prompt during the transaction process, so please share a review on the experience you have with them while buying or selling work.
Tell me more about this dispute center
Our community holds honesty in both work and personal integrity at a very high standard. After all, we could never be a community if we did not trust each other. If at any time when purchasing or selling a piece of work, you have a complaint against the other users, please visit our dispute center to file an issue. Our support staff will promptly follow up via email and help determine the appropriate steps in settling the issue. More times than not, it is simple miscommunication, but regardless of the problem, we will do our best to help. Please be aware of our terms and conditions regarding refunds and liability claims again EndlessRoom, Inc. (sorry, the lawyers made us put that in there).